Rosa Slåpe

Spring 2015

In early spring, just before the frost releases its grip on nature, a beautiful and wild shrub that not many of us might recognize, will blossom. With the new bone china tableware-series, Rosa Slåpe (Pink Blackthorn), Wik & Walsøe aim to change this.

Wild Beauty

Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) is a shrub in the rose family, which thrives in the open countryside or in coastal regions. In earlier times there was a belief that the plant had supernatural powers, and it has often been associated with witchcraft.

Due to its branches that bear thick thorns, blackthorn can be perceived as a little wild and inaccessible – even though the flower is white and delicate. But when it flowers in early May, and basks in glow of the early morning sun, the flowers show themselves in a soft pinkish hue. These pink flowers adorn Wik & Walsøes new bone china tableware; Rosa Slåpe.

The new tableware is subdued, elegant and slightly nostalgic – with its pink flowers dancing lightly on the edge of the tableware. It will look lovely against a simple backdrop of a white tablecloth and shining glass- and flatware, but will also work beautifully with other muted pastels or differing patterns.

Rosa Slåpe fra Wik & Walsøe

Rosa Slåpe consists of 16 pieces produced in bone china, with a fantastic translucency and a glossy and vitreous appearance. Tableware of bone china is perfect for special occasions.