Egg Cups

Spring 2015

With spring comes the expansion of Wik & Walsøe universe. Both the popular series Alf, Alveskog and Whitewood get long-awaited eggcup.

The tableware Elf has in record time become Norway’s new favorite crockery. Therefore, it was time to give the elf wings on highly requested egg cups. In addition, the series Whitewood and Alveskog deserve the same supplement. Both are popular tableware inspired by Norwegian nature and mysticism.

Alv eggeglass

Alveskog eggeglass

Whitewood eggeglass

The egg cups are characterized by their whiteness, beautiful glossy glaze, translucency and pure surface. The feldspar is suitable for everyday use and can easily be placed in the microwave. It can also be put in the oven, but you should then be aware that large temperature fluctuations can cause thermal shock breaking the object.

Product Photo: Kjell S. Stenmarch