Caring for

your porcelain

All our tableware and glassware is dishwasher-safe, but we do recommend a mild wash programme.


In order to ensure that your porcelain maintains its lustre and stays beautiful, we recommend using a rinse aid.

A lustrous surface makes the porcelain more resistant towards scratches and dullness of the glaze. After a meal we recommend rinsing the porcelain as soon as possible, as some foods contain strong acids, which can lead to discolouring of the glaze.

Steel wool, abrasive powders and similar products should not be used, as they will lead to matting of the glaze. It is also important to avoid mechanical wear, in other words the rubbing of objects against one another.

Avoid shoving the plates on top of each other when storing, they should be gently stacked if you wish to avoid wear. It is a good idea to place a napkin between every plate. Sharp knives might lead to scratches and puncturing of the glaze. If black lines appear the cause is most likely soft metal flatware, if you use quality 18/10 stainless steel flatware you will avoid the problem.

Citric acid and a little water should easily remove the lines. Tea and coffee can also stain the porcelain, this will usually disappear if you let the porcelain soak a couple of hours with water and washing-up liquid before using the dishwasher.

Handle your porcelain with care and it will last for generations!


Experienced craftsmen in Toscana produce Wik& Walsøe´s glassware. The area Colle di Val d´Elsa is well known for its crystal production.

Our crystal glassware is made of a new, lead free and innovative material created with a special mix of the purest raw material. Because only the purest raw materials are used in the manufacturing process, the result is a unique transparency. Our glasses have an index of refraction of 1,5425, which is very close to that of lead crystal; 1, 545.

The glass material is light and brilliant, but has a level of hardness that gives great stability and resistance in the dishwasher. Last, but not least, the material makes our glasses perfect for everyday use. Wik & Walsøe always recommend using a rinse aid.